Gianyar Ecotourism

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Petulu Village

A group of swans always fly to Petulu Village before dark. Amongst the houses and green trees in the village, they have been sharing harmonious living with the friendly villagers since 1965. The birds are believed to bring luck to the villagers.

Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud

More than 125 flora species and 300 monkeys inhabit the 10-hectare forest area which is made sacred by people of Padangtegal Village, Ubud.

The people fully respect the forest area where Kahyangan Tiga Temple, that is, Dalem Agung Temple, is situated. Besides the high spiritual value, the sacred forest has been chosen by the many experts from many parts of the world as the conservation and research center.

Ubud VIllage

Ubud village is almost like a gathering place for the international community. Although a bunch of international facilities are risen in the village, the original view of the village and its traditions are strongly maintained.

Some interesting tourist spots in Ubud include Ubud Botanical Garden, the bamboo conservation center, tens of museums, caf├ęs, restaurants, art shows, and other fascinating spots. Your vacation will be much fun here